About Us

Hi. Welcome to hedgehogcage.net, a site dedicated to educating people on what is needed for a hedgehog cage. This site covers:Enter your text here...

  • What to look for in a hedgehog cage.
  • What to avoid in a hedgehog cage.
  • Step by step guide on cleaning the enclosure
  • Choosing the right accessories and toys
  • What kind of heating pads to get.
  • How to care for your hedgehog.
  • How to clean a hedgehog’s cage.
  • How to pick proper bedding for your hedgehog.
  • And how to reduce pet odors.

As pet owners ourselves, we know that it is very important to have happy, healthy pets. Hedgehogs are awesome animals who need all the love and attention they can get. This site strives to make that easier.

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