Benefits of Hedgehogs as Pets

If you are trying to find a small animal that is fairly easy to care for, hedgehogs as pets may be a good option for you. A pet hedgehog has a lifespan of four to six years on average, so if you buy one, you will have a furry little friend for quite a while. These tiny carnivores are ideal for people who don’t have a lot of room for a pet, such as someone living in an apartment.

Hedgehogs as Pets are Cute

With its little spines on its back, the fuzzy tummy, cute face and precious little feet, a pet hedgehog is one of the most adorable small pets around. These little pets are nocturnal, so they sleep all day long. When they are awake, they are very entertaining. You may look in the cage and see a little prickly ball one minute, and the next minute, you may see your little hedgehogs as pets walking around.

Hedgehogs as Pets are Solitary

You don’t have to worry about cute little hedgehogs as pets getting lonely. Hedgehogs as pets are happy all by themselves. In the wild, hedgehogs don’t socialize with other hedgehogs unless it is mating time. Even then, once the mating is over, the hedgehogs go their separate ways. Baby hedgehogs only spend about six weeks with their mother before venturing off of their own.

Hedgehogs as Pets are Gentle

A hedgehog’s main defensive mechanism is to curl up into a ball and let their attacker suffer the wrath of their spiny back. As long as you are gentle with your hedgehogs as pets and leave them alone when they are balled up, you don’t have to worry about getting hurt. Of course, you must also use common sense and keep your hands out of the hedgehog’s mouth, as hedgehogs as pets that are scared may nip or bite.

Hedgehogs as Pets Can Work for Someone with Allergies

Pet hedgehogs don’t have dander, so if you are allergic to animal dander, you won’t have to worry. Additionally, hedgehogs as pets don’t have a scent gland, so if you have scent-based allergies, you don’t have to worry about your hedgehog causing an allergy attack.

Hedgehogs as Pets are Easy to Care for

You don’t have to take your pet hedgehog out for a walk, but you will have to keep its cage clean. Your hedgehog will need a bath now and then, but that isn’t difficult to accomplish. Hedgehogs as pets need constant access to water, and you will have to feed it daily, but that is true with almost any pet.

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