Buying Guidelines for Hedgehogs as Pets

You know that you want hedgehogs as pets, but you aren’t sure about what kinds of hedgehogs as pets best suit your lifestyle. Some of the factors you have to consider are the hedgehog’s temperament, its sex, and its size. When you go to pick out hedgehogs as pets, be sure to take your time making your decision.

Temperament of Hedgehogs as Pets

Temperament is among one of the most important factors you have to take into consideration when you are choosing hedgehogs as pets. It isn’t enough to just find a cute pet hedgehog; you have to find one that is nice so that you can handle it and give it the care it needs. To test the hedgehog’s temperament, handle him to see how he reacts. If he makes a clicking noise, he is showing you aggression, and he isn’t a suitable choice for a pet hedgehog. It is okay if he curls up into a ball or makes a slight hissing noise, as these are common hedgehog reactions to being in an unfamiliar situation.

Sex of Hedgehogs as pets

Since hedgehogs as pets are solitary creatures, it probably won’t matter if you get a male or a female, but if you have your heart set on one sex, you should learn how to tell the sex of a hedgehog before you go to pick one out. When a hedgehog is on its back, you have to look near the anus to see if you can see a belly-button-like protrusion. If you do, the hedgehog is a male, but if it isn’t there, you have a female.

Health of Hedgehogs as Pets

You want healthy hedgehogs as pets, so there are some things you should look for when you are checking out hedgehogs as pets. The hedgehog’s nose should be clean and not runny. The eyes should both be wide, round and bright without any discharge. Its fur should be soft and not matted, and the quills shouldn’t have any bare spots. When the hedgehog breathes, you shouldn’t hear any type of rattling, but you may hear a purring or cheeping sound, which are normal. The hedgehog should walk without seeming shaky or wobbly. It may have a slight shuffle, but it shouldn’t be pronounced. Lastly, you should inspect the hedgehog’s cage. If you have seen any green stool or diarrhea, the hedgehog isn’t healthy. If you have any doubt at all as to the health of the hedgehogs as pets being sold, it is time to find a different breeder.

Age of Hedgehogs as Pets

If you want a hedgehog that you can easily handle, you should choose a young hedgehog. At a minimum, the hedgehog should be eight weeks old before you purchase it. While there are some adult hedgehogs as pets that are sold, it is usually more difficult to bond with older hedgehogs as pets, so they are usually more difficult to handle.