Disadvantages of Hedgehog Pets

Hedgehog pets are small mammals that many people find cute. They are small, they don’t take up much room, and they don’t take too much care. Despite those facts, there are some disadvantages associated with owning pet hedgehogs that you must consider before you head out to purchase one.

Hedgehog Pets are Solitary

If you like to watch animals play together, hedgehog pets aren’t a good pet option for you. With the exception of breeding activities, hedgehogs are solitary creatures. Even mother hedgehogs don’t stay with their young for long. By the time a baby is approximately six to eight weeks, it is on its own. Hamsters or gerbils are two good options to choose from instead of hedgehogs if you want animals that will play together.

Hedgehog Pets are Nocturnal

If you are a daytime person and you want to watch your pet being active, hedgehog pets aren’t a good choice. Hedgehogs are nocturnal, which means that your pet hedgehog is likely to run in his wheel and burrow while you are trying to sleep at night.

Hedgehog Pets Require Attention

A hedgehog that isn’t handled often will become skittish. Because of this, hedgehog pets aren’t a good option if you want a pet that doesn’t need a lot of attention. You have to be able to dedicate about an hour of time daily to your hedgehog to keep him happy and healthy. Speaking of healthy, you also have to plan time to care for your hedgehog’s cage by cleaning out soiled bedding.

Hedgehog Pets Can Harbor Disease

While most hedgehog pets are healthy, it is possible for them to harbor disease. Ringworm is the most common disease that a hedgehog can harbor and pass along to you. To combat the likelihood of a hedgehog harboring a disease, you have to be willing to investigate local breeders, and you may have to spend some extra money to get a hedgehog from a reputable breeder.

Hedgehog Pets Eat Live Food

If you get squeamish watching animals eat other animals, hedgehog pets aren’t a good choice for you. While hedgehogs as pets can eat commercially-prepared foods, they also need live insects and mice to supplement that food.

Hedgehog Pets are Delicate

Hedgehogs are tiny, which means they have tiny bones. When handling hedgehog pets, you have to be very gentle, so if you have young children who are rough, you may want to consider a different pet.