What Is The Best Hedgehog Cage Size

There is no question that the life of your pet hedgehog depends on what kind of home you are going to provide for it. Responsible pet owners should know that an adopted pet, whatever kind of creature it may be, deserves to be treated with the same utmost care and concern as that of a human being. Giving a domesticated animal a safe, secure, and suitable home can definitely and greatly affect the quality and longevity of its life.

Size Is Everything

When it comes to the exact hedgehog cage size, different pet owners have different opinions. But one sentiment is common with all of them, and that is to give your pet the largest possible area that you can give it. That may seem vague and subjective, but that does make a lot of sense, especially for hedgehogs.

These little prickly pigs are very active, commonly nocturnal animals, which can move from four to seven miles a night, according to some experts. Giving them the widest space possible is like providing for them the natural habitat that they are instinctively familiar with. Studies show that the bigger is the living area of a hedgehog, the healthier and happier it can be.

Minimum Sizes

As for the exact size, experts suggest that a decent hedgehog enclosure should have a minimum area of 24 inches by 24 inches. If you want to enclose it, a minimum height of 18 inches is also advised. Every cage should have room enough for a litter box, a sleeping nest or bag, a feeding area, and a very wide playing section. Hedgehogs are naturally playful animals, and they tend to do a lot of fooling around particularly at night.So if you can imagine your minimum cage size of four square feet to satisfy all the four fundamental needs of your dearly loved prickly pig, then that should be adequate.

Some pet owners house their pets in ultra large cages with an area of 48 inches by 48 inches or sixteen square feet. They are four times as large as the minimum size suggested. Pet pens of this size are beneficial for incredibly active hedgehogs as it can contain a wide variety of pet toys and other stuff and your little spiny friend can roam around unsuppressed. However, very large cages come with certain drawbacks as well.

Disadvantage Of Going To Big

One of the main disadvantages of a super huge enclosure is it will take more effort to clean it. And because it takes more time, a pet owner may put off cleaning it until the area is already severely dirty. This is bad news for your little prickly pigs as they may catch all kinds of diseases and infections that may be detrimental to its health.

Best Overall Dimensions

The best dimensions, according to some hedgehog experts, are 42 inches by 30 inches by 18 inches. This is a relatively large hedgehog cage size that is comfortable to the pet and convenient to the pet master as well. It can hold all the essential contraptions of an animal pen, can give your pet all the living and playing space it needs, and can easily be maintained by the owner.

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