Hedgehog Pet Care

Now that you’ve decided to purchase a hedgehog pet, you are probably wondering how to care for it. Luckily, caring for a hedgehog is fairly simple. Pet hedgehogs don’t require too much attention; although, you should give them attention on a regular basis.

Bathing Your Hedgehog Pet

The hedgehog pet doesn’t have dander or a scent gland like most other mammals. Despite this fact, you will need to give your hedgehog pet a bath periodically to keep his skin, quills, and coat clean and healthy. You can bathe him in the kitchen sink using a baby wash. Use a toothbrush to gently brush his quills.

Feeding and Watering a Hedgehog Pet

Your hedgehog pet needs a constant source of water. Place a small water dish or bottle in the corner of his cage. Be sure to change the water daily so that it is always fresh. Pet hedgehogs can get sick if they are exposed to bacteria and other contaminants that may affect water if it isn’t changed daily.

You have to feed your hedgehog pet daily. In fact, you should offer food twice per day. While there are a few commercially available hedgehog foods, these aren’t readily available in some areas. You are in luck though, as many hedgehogs as pets will eat cat food or ferret food. Additionally, your hedgehog pet needs some insects and maybe a mouse or two periodically.

Toys for a Hedgehog Pet

In the wild, hedgehogs are constantly on the go. They burrow under hedges and groundcover. In order to keep your hedgehog happy, he will need some toys. Most ferret toys and cat toys are ideal for your hedgehog pet. Guinea pig, hamster, and mice toys are also good options. If you can, invest in an exercise wheel for your hedgehog. As your hedgehog runs on the wheel, he will exercise, and you will be entertained. Another good idea is to build a miniature obstacle course in your hedgehog’s cage using paper towel tubes, small boxes and a few balls.

Temperature and Enclosure for Your Hedgehog Pet

If your home is cool, you will need to get your hedgehog pet a heat source. Ideally, you will keep your pet hedgehog’s enclosure between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. His cage also needs a substrate that he can into, as well as curl up in to get some sleep. If you want your hedgehog pet to use a litter box, place a small one in his enclosure on the opposite end from the food dish. Eventually, he may start to use the litter box, which makes cleaning his cage simple.

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