Hedgehogs as Pets for Children

Hedgehogs are so small and cute that you would probably assume that they are the perfect pet for children. Well, that is a little bit true and a little bit false. As is the case with any other pet, hedgehogs as pets for children are a good option only if the hedgehog and the children can play nice and get along.

Hedgehogs as Pets are Fragile

The main thing to consider when you are trying to decide if hedgehogs as pets are right for your children is to figure out if your child can be gentle with the hedgehog. Children that understand that hedgehogs as pets are fragile and don’t mind not being able to roughhouse with the hedgehog will probably love caring for the hedgehogs as pets. Of course, even if you have a child who likes to play, hedgehogs as pets may still be a good pet; however, you must be willing to supervise all interaction between your child and the hedgehog to make sure they both stay safe and healthy.

Hedgehogs as Pets Need Attention

Many children enjoy giving their pets attention. If your child is one of those, hedgehogs as pets are an excellent choice for him or her. On average, hedgehogs as pets need to be handled for at least an hour per day. Your child can’t take days off from caring for hedgehogs as pets. If your child is worried about getting pricked with the quills, have him, or her wear a pair of gardening gloves to handle the hedgehog. As time progresses and your child and the hedgehog become more familiar with each other, you can suggest that your child wear thinner gloves or no gloves at all. Hedgehogs as pets that are comfortable are less likely to ‘flex’ their quills in a defensive manner.

Hedgehogs as Pets Are Fun

Hedgehogs as pets are a lot of fun, but remember that they are nocturnal. For school-aged children, this is probably a good thing. Hedgehogs as pets can sleep all day while your child is in school. By the time your child finishes homework and gets his or her chores done, hedgehogs as pets will be ready to play.

Hedgehogs as Pets Require Care

Owning a pet hedgehog is a good option if your child is responsible. They are also a good way to teach your child responsibility. Hedgehogs as pets must be fed and watered daily, and the cage will need to be cleaned weekly. If you are a teacher and looking into a hedgehog for your classroom pet, please remember that you will have to take the hedgehog home with you during the summer, as the children won’t know how to care for it.