Living World Deluxe Habitat Review

The Living World Deluxe Habitat is one of the best pet cages in the market today. The cage is perfectly designed for hedgehogs, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rabbits. There are different sizes of cages available in the market making it suitable for any size and any number of pets one has. Pets will certainly enjoy the ample room that this cage leaves them. Though this cage offers expanded room for your pet, it does not eat your house space or get loose. Below is a breakdown of the cage features.


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Features and design

Ample Rom

The large cage measures 46.9 inches by 22.8 inches by 24 inches and weighs about 19 pounds. This provides enough room for your pet to explore, stay happy and comfortable. The space is enough to fit two large bunnies. The pets will not feel confined in the cage as the cage comes with a two-level design which gives room for pets to explore.

Hiding Compartment

It is important for your pets to have a hiding compartment; a place they can run to and hide whenever the need arises. The hiding compartment is big enough to accommodate two hedgehogs side by side (if you purchase the XL cage).

Plastic Bottom

Furry pets will find a wired bottom uncomfortable. To this end, Living World Deluxe Habitat comes with a plastic bottom, which makes it ideal for hedgehogs, guinea pigs and rabbits. The plastic bottom also makes it easy to clean the cage. It is sturdy and does not bend or twist like would be seen in some low-quality cages.

Fixed Food Dish

If you have pets, you know they can be messy around the food bowl; making tip-overs and scattering their food all over. The food dish here is clipped into the floor balcony which makes it tip-proof. Though a playful hedgehog may find a way to detach the dish, this is so rare.


  • Plenty of Room
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy To Clean


  • Poor Water bottle


Living World Deluxe Habitat has a two-level design, a factor that allows your pets to climb and explore. It is made of high-rate quality cage wiring to ensure that no rodents can chew their way through and also make the cage durable. At the top of the cage, there are two lid openings. These enable the pet owner to clean the cage, access any part of the cage and the pet and also feed the pet. There is a front door from where the pet can be let out to play.

There are all the hookups needed for a pet owner to attach a water bottle. The lower bin of the cage is easy to detach making it easy for the pet owner to clean cage litter. The upper and the lower parts of the cage are held together by plastic clips which are easy to use. With plenty of ventilation, this cage will always have fresh air with no odor. You can check out the X-large version of it.


Put simply; this cage is awesome. It comes with all the features that your hedgehog, bunny or guinea pig would ask for (if it had the ability to). Your pets will be happy with the extra-large rooms, and you will be happy with the service this cage will provide.

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