Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper Review

Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper is one of the best pet cages today. The cage is popular thanks to the fact that you can add it to the top of a 10-gallon tank to create more space for your pet. This cage was created considering the needs of pets. The cage has been in the market for a long time during which thousands of units have sold with hundreds of positive reviews. The cage has been designed for furry pets such as hedgehogs, chinchillas, gerbils, and hamsters among others.

Super Pet My First Tank Topper


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Features and design

Removable Wire Cage Top

The top of the cage is made wire mesh and can be removed to ease maintenance. The top latches together with the sides, making it safe for the pets and making it easier to access pets.

Hideout House

Pets need a hideout house, which they also use as a sleeping room. This room is made of high-quality plastic. The plastic is durable and provides the needed warmth and protection to the pets.

Shelves and Ramps

Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper comes with enough room for pets to play. Besides, there are fitted comfort shelves where pets can relax. There are ramps connecting the different compartments of the cage. Since most pets are natural climbers, these ramps come handy when pets are climbing.


The cage comes with all necessary accessories including a water bottle and food dish. The food dish is at the uppermost compartment while the water bottle is at the bottom. There are also clips to be used by the pet owner to attach the wire top to the fish tank.

Durable Materials

The wire used to make this cage is strong, and powder coated making it chew-proof and rust-resistant. This, in turn, makes the wire durable. Better yet, the plastic that makes the slides and cage accessories is strong and stain resistant making it durable too.



  • Easy to setup as it fits right on top of a 10-gallon aquarium
  • Gives your pets double the space as it can move from the fish tank floor through shelf to the wired top
  • Easy to clean as users can separate the glass cage from the wired top by removing clips
  • Comes with all necessary accessories
  • Easy to dismantle and foldable for easy storage
  • High-quality materials which increase durability


  • Spacing between bars may be bigger to let small sized pets such as hedgehogs out
  • The ramps may be steep for hedgehogs
  • Bowl not fixed and thus keeps falling from top to bottom
  • Water bottle small and form part of the hideout house
  • No side doors leaving the only access point at the top


Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper measures 10.8 inches by 20 inches by 10.1 inches and weighs 4.5 pounds. The cage is manufactured by Super Pet, a cage manufacturing company in the US. The Cage is easy to assemble and easy to dismantle. This makes it easy to clean and maintain the cage. There is a glass cage at the bottom and a wire mesh top. When cleaning, users remove the clips that attach the two parts and clean each part separately.


This cage is one of the best in the market today thanks to its great features. The cage has had hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon and other sites. Most of the reviewers site the large size of the cage, its durability, ease of maintenance and assembly and its beautiful looks. The cage comes handy for pet owners with medium sized pets such as gerbils and hamsters. It can comfortably accommodate one large sized hamster. If you are looking for a simple cage for your hedgehogs, this is your ideal cage.

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